Every winter the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (PSAAZK) holds a Holiday Silent Auction, Bake Sale, and Dinner to raise funds for thier organization.  This year the PSAAZK reached out to one Seattle painting contractor and that was Reed Painting Company.  RPC was happy to support the non-profit organization by donating a “Painter For A Day” to the silent auction.  One of our painters will provide the winner with a day’s work of professional services to do any job they like, whether residential  or commercial.

The Silent Auction preview will be on November 18, 2011 from Noon-2pm and the Silent Auction, Bake Sale, and Dinner will begin at 4pm.  All are open to the public.  For more information, visit the PSAAZK website here or contact Steve Cremer at steve.cremer@zoo.org.

The PSAAZK is located at the Woodland Park Zoo grounds.  Recently RPC was asked to assist the maintenence department at the Zoo in the painting of numerous buildings on site.  The majority of jobs that come in for RPC are residential properties and in the Seattle Metro area, however, we do have a number of contracts with local businesses and are excited about our new relationship with the Woodland Park Zoo.  Our local zoo has many wonderful exhibits and programs – you can visit their website at www.zoo.org.

The PSAAZK, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the promotion of zoo keeper education and strives to make the public aware of valid and deserving conservation projects and the need for the preservation of natural resources and animal life.  Vis